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Check Answer x=6 How to Check Your Answer with Algebra Calculator. First go to the Algebra Calculator main page. Type the following: First type the equation 2x+3=15. Then type the @ symbol. Then type x=6. Try it now: 2x+3=15 @ x=6 Clickable Demo Try entering 2x+3=15 @ x=6 into the text box First, the expression needs to be rewritten as x^{2}+ax+bx-24. To find a and b, set up a system to be solved.-1,24 -2,12 -3,8 -4,6 . Since ab is negative, a and b have the opposite signs. Since a+b is positive, the positive number has greater absolute value than the negative. List all such integer pairs that give product -24 with the operations + - x / (add, subtract, multiply, divide) to reach a result of 24. You can try your hand at this game HERE. On these pages is a list of solutions for every combination of numbers 1-13 (corresponding to values from a standard deck of playing cards) for which an answer exists

Founded in 2005 by a chemistry professor, 24HourAnswers strives to help college students understand and master their coursework.Since 2005 more than one million college students have been connected to top academic tutors in 300+ subject areas using our state-of-the-art, HTML5 tutoring platform. One-on-one online sessions and step-by-step written solutions are the foundation of our services (In x)24 si dx = (Type an exact answer. Use parentheses to clearly denote the argument of each function.) х . This problem has been solved! See the answer See the answer See the answer done loading. Show transcribed image text Expert Answer. Who are the experts? Experts are tested by Chegg as specialists in their subject area. We review their.

X-24 was a clone of Wolverine created by Alkali-Transigen. 1 Biography 1.1 Logan 2 Personality 3 Powers and Abilities 4 Equipment 5 Relationships 6 Trivia 7 References 8 External links X-24 was created by Alkali-Transigen after they deemed Project X-23 a failure. A perfect clone of Logan, X-24 resembled Logan in his physical prime. Dr.Zander Rice designed him to be a weapon X-24 exhibited all. User: find the value of 8.3 x 24.2 x .03.Round your answer to the nearest hundredth Weegy: 8.3 x 24.2 x 0.03 ; = 19.92 x 0.03 ; = 0.5976 ; = 0.6 (rounded to the nearest hundredth) |Score .5747|Masamune|Points 88192| User: in the decimal number .675, the 7 holds what place value? Weegy: In the decimal number .675, the 7 holds the place value of Hundredths

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Best answer. Given condition `3x+8y le 24` `y le 2, x gt 0, y ge 0`. The vertices of the feasible polygon region are (0,0), (8,0),(8/3,2) nad (0,3). The maximum value of the objective function attains at (8,0). f=4x+7y The maximum value `=4xx8+7xx0=32` ← Prev Question Next Question →. Math 24 - give me your 4 numbers and I will find a solution math 24 game solution This is a solver for the 24 ® Game by Suntex International Inc.For more information on the game, visit their site

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Find the value of g(25) for the function below. g(x) = 24(x − 39) Find the value of g(25) for the function below. g(x) = 24(x − 39) Categories English. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Comment. Name * Email You will need to get assistance from your school if you are having problems entering the answers into your online assignment. Phone support is available Monday-Friday, 9:00AM-10:00PM ET. You may speak with a member of our customer support team by calling 1-800-876-1799. End of Conversation. Have a great day

Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for Answers is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you wan

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Statistics and Probability questions and answers Consider the following data for two variables, x and y. x 22 24 26 30 35 40 y 11 22 32 35 39 36 (a) Develop an estimated regression equation for the data of the form ŷ = b0 + b1x Calculus questions and answers; ② let g(x) = -24 +5 a.) Write down re midpoint Peimann rum prg(x) over [-1, 1 with n rectangles b.) are the formulas given to simplify Tre sum in (a). Anwer should uT have any I-notation. c.) bie (b) to compute 5 - 2x + 5 dx uring the limit definition of the definite ; Question: ② let g(x) = -24 +5 a.) Write. Is the max size font for Acrobat X Standard 24 pts? What is the max size for X Pro? I need to use font sizes larger than 24 points. Do I need to get Acrobat X Pro, or will X Standard work? Please at least add a Comment explaining why you give an answer a Thumbs Down, it would help anyone else reading this and also help me know why my answer. Answer: The number 24 can be written as 24 x 1 or 12 x 2 or 8 x 3 or 4 x 6 or 2 x 2 x 2 x 3. Since 24 can be divided by 24, 12, 8, 6, 4, 3, 2, and 1, then 24, 12, 8, 6, 4, 3, 2, and 1 are factors of 24. Example 5: Factor the number 105. Answer: The number 105 can be written as 105 x 1 or 21 x 5 or 3 x 7 x 5 or 15 x 7 or 35 x 3

_-4 and 3-4, 2, and 3-3 and 4-3, 2, and 4 is correct for According to the Rational Root Theorem, the following are potential roots of f(x) = 2×2 + 2x - 24. Thankyou for using answerout. We hope you get all your answers here Which line is parallel to the line given below? x - 3y = 24 a. y = -x + 3. Which line is parallel to the line given below? x - 3y = 24 a. y = -x + 3 b. y = -3x - 1 c. y = 3x + 8 d. y=-x-4. Categories English. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Comment X^2+4x+3 ————- x^2-1 Reduce the above expression to its lowest terms. X^2+4x+3. ————-. x^2-1. Reduce the above expression to its lowest terms

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SOLUTION 1 : Let variables x and y represent two nonnegative numbers. The sum of the two numbers is given to be 9 = x + y, so that y = 9 - x.. We wish to MAXIMIZE the PRODUCT P = x y 2.. However, before we differentiate the right-hand side, we will write it as a function of x only. Substitute for y getting . P = x y 2 = x ( 9-x) 2. Now differentiate this equation using the product rule and. Math; Calculus; Calculus questions and answers; Let f(x) 24 - 50.x2 8 (a) Use the definition of a derivative or the derivative rules to find f'(x)= (b) Use the definition of a derivative or the derivative rules to find f''(x) = (c) On what interval is f increasing (include the endpoints in the interval)? interval of increasing = (d) On what interval is f decreasing (include the endpoints in th A rectangle has an area of 16x + 24. What could the length and width of the rectangle be? a. 2 and 8x + 12 b. 2x and 20 c. 4 and 10x d. 8x and 2 + 3

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  5. I'm working on a pyomo constraint that has a rule in the first loop to do some calculation based on the last loop. So for T = 24, each loop is: def const1(model,t): return model.x[t] == model.x[t -..
  6. ator by 1 x2 and simplify, or use L'Hopital's rule to get 5. c)lim x!0 jx 1j x 1 Answer: Plug in x= 0 to get 1. d)lim x!1 jx 1j x 1 Answer: As xapproaches 1 from the left, jx 1j= 1 x. Simplifying and substitutin

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  1. In this Film Courage video interview, screenwriter and script doctor Peter Russell shares 9 questions television writers must answer when developing a TV sho..
  2. Matlab question x1=4, x2=4 I need an answer in a short time Question 2 Create a vector of x values ranging from zero to 28, while the step is equal X2, Compute sin (3*x) of these values, and plot the results
  3. آلات حساب للجبر، حساب التفاضل والتكامل، هندسة، إحصاء، وكيمياء مع شر
  4. How do you solve x^2 - 10x = -24? solve x 2 10x 24 0. I am stuck on my homework and missing deadline. Please help me in solving this, I will pay
  5. Linux (/ ˈ l i n ʊ k s / LEEN-uuks or / ˈ l ɪ n ʊ k s / LIN-uuks) is a family of open-source Unix-like operating systems based on the Linux kernel, an operating system kernel first released on September 17, 1991, by Linus Torvalds. Linux is typically packaged in a Linux distribution.. Distributions include the Linux kernel and supporting system software and libraries, many of which are.
  6. S = 1/2 * x * y = 1/2 * 6 * 8 = 24 units ². Answer: 24 units ². One of the components of a person's success in our time is receiving modern high-quality education, mastering the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for life in society. A person today needs to study almost all his life, mastering everything new and new, acquiring the.

Pakistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is a country in South Asia.It is the world's fifth-most populous country, with a population exceeding 225.2 million, and has the world's second-largest Muslim population.Pakistan is the 33rd-largest country by area, spanning 881,913 square kilometres (340,509 square miles).It has a 1,046-kilometre (650-mile) coastline along the Arabian Sea. Solution for Vx+4-3 2. a. Find limit lim x-5 (x2-6x+5) 5x + 24 if x < -3 if - 3 < x< 4 if x 2 4 b. If f(x) = x2 1- 2x Evaluate the following limits if the X-Men are supposed to join the Avengers at some point Hugh Jackman als Wolverine 20th Century Fox Hugh Jackman is currently promoting his new sci-fi movie Reminiscence. In an interview with ScreenRant, he was approached about returning as Wolverine - and had a clear answer: I don't want people to feel that it is somethin Answer: 2 on a question Which is the graph of f(x) = 1/4(4)*? 5 40.4) 5 4 3 (4,4) 4 *04) 3 2 (2,1) 1 3 2 2 2 3.2) (1.1) 543-24 1 2 3 4 -5 -4 -3 -2 -14 2 3 1. Answers. Click here to see ALL problems on Polynomials-and-rational-expressions. Question 461578: Solve ,x^2=24 where x is a real number. Simplify your answer as much as possible. Answer by richard1234 (7193) ( Show Source ): You can put this solution on YOUR website

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73.843 = x. Rewrite this logarithm as an exponential equation. Answer. 1768.9345= x. x ≈ 1768.935. Use a calculator to evaluate 73.843 and round to the nearest thousandth. Logarithmic equations may also involve inputs where the variable has a coefficient other than 1, or where the variable itself is squared Get step-by-step answers and hints for your math homework problems. Learn the basics, check your work, gain insight on different ways to solve problems. For chemistry, calculus, algebra, trigonometry, equation solving, basic math and more View Answer. Find the volume of the solid bounded by: z = 0 , x = 1 , y = x , z = x 2 y 2. View Answer. Set up the volume of the solid bounded by the surface x = \sqrt {1-z}, the planes x = 0, y.

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New episodes air Wednesdays at 8/7c. Watch full episodes at FOX.com now! The X-Files centers on FBI special agents Scully and Mulder as they investigate unexplained cases -- X-Files -- for which the only answers involve paranormal phenomena Given that f (x) = 3x 2 + 2x, find f (x + h). This one feels wrong, because it's asking me to plug something that involves x in for the original x . But this evaluation works exactly like all the others; namely, everywhere that the original formula has an x , I will now plug in an x + h

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To put it another way, the random variable X in a binomial distribution can be defined as follows: Let Xi = 1 if the ith bernoulli trial is successful, 0 otherwise. Then, X = ΣXi, where the Xi's are independent and identically distributed (iid). That is, X = the # of successes. Hence, Any random variable X with probability function given b Question 1183371: f(x) = 25x3 − 80x2 − 74x − 24 (a) Use a graphing utility to find the real zeros of the function. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.) x = (b) Use the real zeros to find the exact values of the imaginary zeros Math explained in easy language, plus puzzles, games, quizzes, worksheets and a forum. For K-12 kids, teachers and parents Summary. Function Composition is applying one function to the results of another. (g º f) (x) = g (f (x)), first apply f (), then apply g () We must also respect the domain of the first function. Some functions can be de-composed into two (or more) simpler functions

Answers. This page is about Answers used in a Course Lesson module question or in a Course Quiz module or a Question bank question. Typically students are presented with a question, they select or create an answer, which may be scored and bring additional information to the student or present a new set of information to consider x-5=8. x-5=8. x-5=8. 1. Add. 5. 5 5 to both sides. x = 8 + 5. x=8+5 x = 8+5 The two terms, 2(x - y) and -b(x - y), do indeed have a common factor; namely, the parenthetical factor x - y. This binomial may be different from what I'm used to seeing referred to as being a factor, but the factorization process works just the same for this expression as it did for every other expression before Small & Medium Business: Microsoft 365 Admins. Open a service request in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. On-Premises Support. Get paid technical support for on-premises Microsoft products and services. Microsoft Store Support. Get help with choosing a Microsoft product, or ask about a previous purchase from the online or physical store If you have not tried to solve it, have a go now. For everyone else the answer is after the break. The pattern is 10 x the units plus the sum of all the digits. So, 111 = 1 x 10 + 3 = 13, 112 = 2 x 10 + 4 = 24 etc. The final one is 7 x 10 + 9 = 79. Did you solve it

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This gives you a=400. We can do exactly the same thing for the next bit of the question involving d and x. d = bx^2, 24 = 4b, b=6.We now have two equations, y = 400/d^2 and d = 6x^2. The question has asked for y in terms of x, so we don't want d to appear at all in the final answer Find helpful math lessons, games, calculators, and more. Get math help in algebra, geometry, trig, calculus, or something else. Plus sports, money, and weather math. Sign in - Google Account

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Why there are two versions of openCV 3.x and 2.4.xx ? I 'm still confused , which one should I select , the two versions seems to be active , is there any plan to stop one of them , what is the rule used to select which version is suitable for my application The Xbox Series X|S consoles have both launched and we hope you're enjoying your time with the next generation of gaming. In the event you do run in to any issues though, we have you covered. Some problems might be known issues, and we have teams hard at work to resolve these instances ASAP. Be sure to check below for any issue you might be. Before reading the answer can I interest you in a clue? The solution relies on showing that p 2 - 1 is a multiple of 2x2x2x3 First expand p 2 - 1 to give: . p 2 - 1 = (p - 1) x (p + 1). Then consider the terms on the right hand side, firstly we know that p must be odd (no even prime numbers *,) so p - 1 and p + 1 must be even.We have two of the factors we require

The X-Files: Created by Chris Carter. With Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Mitch Pileggi, William B. Davis. Two F.B.I. Agents, Fox Mulder the believer and Dana Scully the skeptic, investigate the strange and unexplained, while hidden forces work to impede their efforts NASA's SpaceX Crew-1 astronauts will answer questions at 3:45 p.m. EDT Thursday, May 6, about their historic mission on the International Space Station and return to Earth. The news conference will air live on NASA Television, the NASA app, and the agency's website

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Find the zeros of the polynomial f(x) = x3 - 5x2 -2x +24, if it is given that the product of its two zeros is 12 - Maths - Polynomial A 36 x 40GE B 12 x 40GE C 6 x 40GE D 24 x 40GE Correct Answer A Section none. A 36 x 40ge b 12 x 40ge c 6 x 40ge d 24 x 40ge. School University of British Columbia; Course Title SFAF SDA; Uploaded By CommodoreScorpion1377. Pages 31 This preview shows page 9 - 14 out of 31 pages Perfect for organizing your garage or workshop, Perfect for organizing your garage or workshop, Husky's Steel I-Beam Shelving Unit measures 78 in. H x 77 in. W x 24 in. D. The 4 adjustable wire shelves provide ample storage space to accommodate a variety of heavy items, each shelf supporting up to 2500 lb For You. 11:12. Amazing Dangerous Skills Fastest Big Tree Felling, Extreme Biggest Tree Cutting Down Mac. 13M viewsJun 24, 2020. YouTubeHEAVY MACHINES. 12:21. Enjoy Your Day with NasaPham SPA #10. 982K views1 week ago Answers to Correspondents (soon shortened to Answers) was a British magazine running from 1888 to 1955 Answer , a very short science-fiction story published in 1954 by Fredric Brown . Answers , an American magazine published by Answers in Genesi Optix acrylic sheet is a lightweight, impact resistant, transparent material that is a great replacement for glass in many applications. Its higher impact strength makes it a great glass replacement fo